Tents, campers, vans, and recreational vehicles are permitted. RV's are parked in a specific area where the land can support them and where electric will be available.  5th wheel camping trailers may be parked in two designated areas.  Tents and pop-up campers may park in any camping area.

Food Considerations

Summerland Spirit Festival has a very affordable fully-catered meal plan.  All attendees are strongly encouraged to sign up for this plan.  Unlike many festivals that are held in busy parks with very little wildlife, Summerland takes place in a lightly used area surrounded by several square miles of wild forest.  We have had incidences of bear and other wild animals rummaging through campsites because attendees did not store food properly.  Besides, there is something very sacred about breaking bread together.

Trash and Recycling

Trash is picked up and removed each day by the festival staff.  There is a dumpster located by the shower house and many large trash cans distributed throughout the festival grounds. Please do not throw your trash into the community fires.

Water, Showers, Toilet

Summerland has a bath and shower house with flush toilets, as well as several portapots distributed throughout the grounds.  While attendees are welcome to use the showers, we also encourage people to bathe at a quiet spot in the creek to conserve water and reduce the stress on the septic system.  While at fest, please use eco-friendly soaps and shampoos.

Firewood and Ice

Pre-cut firewood is available for community fires. Individual campfires are not permitted due to the scarring of the land they create.  Bags of ice are available for purchase at the lodge from 9:00 am until midnight each day.

Phone Service

Personal cell phones will sometimes work at most locations around the camp, but service is spotty and inconsistent.  The best reception is usually around the Lodge area or on top of one of the hills.


Limited Wi-Fi is usually available at the Lodge, but we cannot guarantee service.