Camping Supplies

•  Tent or camper

•  White cloth strips, colored tape ties, and/or solar lights to mark tent ropes for safety

•  Sleeping bag and pillow and/or other bedding

•  Flashlight and/or lantern, plus extra batteries

•  Drinking water jug or other container for water

Optional Items:

•  Air mattress to cushion ground sleeping, and a tarp to shade your campsite

•  Banners and other decorations for your campsite

•  Earplugs to use at night if you are a light sleeper

•  Cushion, mat, or lawn chair(s) to sit on during workshops

Hygiene Items

•  Cloth towels and washcloth; paper towels

•  Bio-degradable shampoo and soap; toothbrush, toothpaste, and other toiletries

•  Allergy and/or other prescription medicine, if applicable

•  Insect repellent


•  Sturdy walking shoes

•  Warm clothing for cool evenings (may get down into the 50s F) and cool clothing for warm days (usually in 80s - 90s F)

•  Rain gear (poncho, umbrella, mud boots or wellies etc.)

•  Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and other sun protection for your body

•  Swimsuit

Ritual & Program Gear

•  Notebook and pen for workshops

•  Drums, rattles, bells, and/or other musical instruments

Optional Items:

•  Sacred dress and ceremonial tools for rituals and processionals

•  A flower, fresh or dried herbs, corn, tobacco, or other natural offering for the morning offering

•  Natural fiber blankets to donate to the sweatlodge

•  Fun garb for the Summerland Burlesque Show


•  Firewood—to help prevent the spread of emerald ash borer, please do not bring any firewood into the festival grounds.

•  Illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia

•  Pets or companion animals

•  Friends who are not pre-registered

•  Motorized recreational vehicles such as ATVs