Here are the policies of our festival.  These are intended to ensure that everyone attending Summerland Spirit Festival has a positive experience and feels comfortable and safe in our community.

Pet Policy

Summerland Spirit Festival does not allow personal pets to be brought to the festival.  While we TOTALLY understand that your particular dog is extremely well-behaved, the land owner has asked us not to have pets on site during the festival for insurance and liability reasons.

Trained and certified service animals are allowed on the property if they are needed to help people with mobility or other disabilities.  Something to keep in mind, however, is that Summerland is held on land that may not be best suited for people who require the use of a service animal.  While all of our facilities, such as showers, bathrooms, and dining hall are ADA compliant, Mother Nature isn't.

Skyclad Policy

Summerland is a sex-positive, body-positive, clothing-optional event that provides a respite from the anxieties and fears surrounding the human body and sexuality that is so endemic to American culture. Nudity, or being "skyclad", is simply one form of dress that allows individuals to experience a sense of freedom, comfort, and acceptance that just doesn't happen while clothed. 

Because many of our attendees who choose to go skyclad have their own insecurities about their body and are taking an emotional risk by doffing their clothes, we are very protective of everyone's sense of safety.  We have zero tolerance of any inappropriate or disrespectful comments or behavior of any kind.  Those who cannot contribute to the culture of respect that is central to Summerland will be asked to leave.  Fortunately, we have never had this happen.

There are areas of the festival that are not clothing-optional.  These include the Lodge area, outside the Shower House, Pavilion, RV parking area, and registration area.  The best way to remember the skyclad areas is that "if you are walking on grass, you can be skyclad.  If you are walking on cement, you need to be covered."  We'd love to have all areas be skyclad.  However, we do need to make these exceptions to comply with health codes and the wishes of the land owner.

Photo Policy

We all enjoy spending time in nature and among friends.  And it’s natural to want to preserve those memories of beautiful scenery or funny antics by taking photographs.  But please consider….

There is no way to predict when or where a picture will be posted, sent, or otherwise used by the photographer.  Even with the greatest caution, pictures may be leaked or forwarded.  If someone is identifiable in the photograph – even in the background – that person is potentially at risk for being “outed” as a Pagan.

While some people are perfectly comfortable having their picture taken while at Pagan gatherings such as Summerland, others are not.  Some Pagans are not “out” to family, friends, work, or their community, and need to keep their identity private.

For this reason, we ask that no photographs be taken while you are on the Summerland site, except for photographs of yourself and your family, or of those whose permission you have previously obtained.  Please be especially careful of those who may be recognizable in the background of your photographs.

If you find that you have accidentally taken pictures of people whose permission you do not have, we ask that you do not post these online at any time, to protect the privacy of those appearing in your photographs.  This is especially critical as there are many people who choose to be skyclad at Summerland.

Please note that W.S.A. 942.09 states:
(2)(am) Whoever does any of the following is guilty of a Class I felony:
1. Captures a representation that depicts nudity without the knowledge and consent of the person who is depicted nude while that person is nude in a circumstance in which he or she has a reasonable expectation of privacy, if the person knows or has reason to know that the person who is depicted nude does not know of and consent to the capture of the representation.

Campfire Policy

Due to the sensitive nature of the site, personal campfires are discouraged.  There are several community fire rings available, each marked with a stone circle, with wood stacked nearby.  Larger community fires help people get to know one another better, contribute to a more vibrant sense of community, and create fewer scars on the beautiful landscape.

Next to each community fire ring is a 5-gallon bucket of water in case a fire begins to spread.  Fire extinguishers are also available throughout the site: at the Lodge, in the Vendor area, and on the Tiki Cart.

Illegal Substances

Summerland Spirit Fest does not allow the possession or use of illegal substances or other contraband on Festival grounds.  We work very hard to be good stewards of the land and gracious guests of the land owner.  There have been other festivals that have been been raided by the authorities and shut down due to rampant drug use.  We will simply not allow this to happen at Summerland.

Anyone possessing these substances will be asked to dispose of them off Festival grounds.  Anyone who cannot honor our wish to maintain a safe, drug-free festival is probably not a good fit for Summerland.  It's not that we judge people who enjoy recreational use of various drugs, but it's just not appropriate here.

Emergency Procedures

While we do have a Safety Team, there are no official emergency personnel on site, and Summerland Spirit Festival cannot be responsible for providing any medical care.  While there may be a few people among our attendees who know CPR or who are First Responders, if any attendee chooses to provide first aid or health care of any kind, they do so at their own risk.  You should plan carefully for sensitivities, allergies, or anticipated medical issues (e.g., if you are prone to heat exhaustion).

If a medical emergency arises while you at Summerland Spirit Festival, contact a Council member or Safety Team member, and 911 will be called.