Here are some of the questions we are commonly asked about Summerland Spirit Festival.  If your question is not addressed here, please feel free to contact us  Thank you for your interest in our festival!


Where is Summerland Spirit Festival held?

Summerland Spirit Festival is located approximately 8 miles South of Turtle Lake, Wisconsin. It is approximately a 90 minute drive from the Twin Cities.  More information about the festival location and amenities can be found on the About Summerland Fest page.


How do I register for the festival?

In order to register for Summerland Spirit Festival, you need to first register as a member of the website.  Membership is free and gives everyone a chance to get to know each other a bit before festival. Once you register as a member of the website more links will become available to you, including registration, forums, and more information about our schedules and meal plan. 

If you do not have a computer, have a friend email our Registration Director your contact information at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get in touch with you in the method you provide. 


Can I vend at Summerland?

Of course!  Each year, we have a number of slots for vendors at Summerland.  We limit the number of slots available each year to a small percentage of our festival registration and work to bring in a variety of products and services.  This helps to ensure that all of our vendors are successful while at our festival.  The cost of our vendor booths is only $25 for a 10 x 10 space, and we DO NOT require that you tithe a percentage of your profits to the festival, as many other festivals do.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our vending director through our CONTACT US page.


Can anyone attend?

Yes!  However, we do reserve the right to deny registration to those whose past behavior may be a cause for concern or pose a risk to the community.  We do not like to do this, but we are committed to ensuring those who attend our festival have the ability to feel a sense of peace, calm, and safety.


What about pets?

At this time, Summerland Spirit Festival does not permit personal pets at the festival.  While we are certain that everyone's pets are exceptionally well-behaved, we cannot allow pets for both insurance liability reasons and to comply with the policies of the land owner.


Why do I have to create an account in order to register for Summerland?

Unfortunately, we live in a time when spammers and hackers are everywhere online.  By making people go through a simple registration process before accessing some areas of the site or being able to register helps us filter out who is a real person with a real interest in the festival, and who is just a spam bot pretending to be a person. Setting up an account is free and only takes a minute.


Can I see a schedule of workshops before the festival starts?

Due to the large number of programming activities that need to be scheduled for the festival, the schedule cannot be finalized until just before Summerland starts. We do list some approved workshops on the Summerland website so you can have a taste of the activities for the upcoming year, but we cannot provide a schedule prior to fest.  You will receive a Festival Guide during your check-in that will list the workshops, activities, and rituals, as well as provide a wealth of other information about the festival.


How do I present a workshop at Summerland?

We are always looking for individuals who have some expertise that they are willing to share with the rest of the community.  If you would like to present a workshop at Summerland Spirit Festival, please go to the Workshops, Rituals & Activities page of the Forum by CLICKING HERE.


What is this “Meal Plan” I keep reading about?

Must Registar for the 2017 Meal Plan by: June 23, 2017

One of the ways we foster community connections is to share meals. We are camping around a lot of wildlife, including fox, black bear, raccoon, deer, etc.  This being so, we really want to minimize the amount of food and garbage around the property.  Buying and preparing meals in bulk is less expensive, creates less waste, saves time, and reduces our footprint on the property. Since the vast majority of attendees leave their camp kitchens at home it makes set-up and tear-down faster and easier for them, and saves the time and money they would have to normally have to spend on ice, propane canisters, hauling gear, preparing meals, and cleaning up.

As a festival, we don't make any money from the meal plan. Our cost is your cost.  The hours saved from having to prepare food and clean up afterwards simply is not worth the few bucks that you might save by packing in your own food.  Previous attendees who originally brought in their own food eventually switched to the meal plan.  Just sayin'.  :-)

Due to food costs and logistics, Summerland Spirit Festival can not accommodate special diets. This includes but is not limited to, gluten free, milk allergies, nut allergies and other food allergies such as onions, tomato's, mushrooms and green pepper. If you have these types of diet restrictions, the meal plan will probably not suit your needs. We do continue to offer vegetarian entree's for each meal. The vegetarian meal or omnivore plan can be requested on the SSF registration web site. There will be running hot water available for dish washing and clean-up for people that are cooking for themselves.

There are not fire pits at individual camp sites, so plan on bringing a propane stove if you do not take the meal plan. We do continue to offer vegetarian entree's for each meal. The vegetarian meal or omnivore plan can be requested on the SSF registration web site. There will be running hot water available for dish washing and clean-up for people that are cooking for themselves. See you at Fest!

This year our meal plan has on it but is not limited to Burgers, Brats, BBQ chicken, Lamb Roast by Jamie, Fish, Taco's, Enchilada's, Baked potato bar, Roast Pork, Pizza Bread, Sloppy Joes, Beef tips, Spaghetti, Lasagna, Salad Bar, Soups, Stuffed Red Peppers, Yummy desserts (Yes, Butterscotch Pudding and Jello with whipped cream is on the menu!) Vegetarian Entree's, 'Breakfast for Lunch' and much, much more! All made with Love and Magic by Turtle Creek Glen Caterers and our very own spectacular and talented SSF Kitchen Crew!


Work Exchange

Work Exchange is Full for 2017

Yes!  Our work exchange program is designed for people who would like to attend our festival, but due to current financial challenges, would have a hard time fitting it into their budget.  You will have a lot of fun as part of a great team with a lot of positive energy and will be granted free admission to the festival.  Here is how it works:

All members of the work exchange team must be willing to:

  -  arrive on Friday, July 7th by 8:00 am to help with festival set-up

  -  assist with teardown on Sunday July 18th until teardown is done

  -  assist festival attendees as they arrive on the festival grounds

  -  work either one 2-hour or one 3-hour shift per day (depending on the job)

  -  be able to lift 45 pounds or more in outdoor weather

The total number of hours you can expect to work as a work exchange is between 25-30 hours.  About one-third of that time is during the festival set-up on Friday, July 7th.  The rest of the time, you are free to enjoy the festival however you would like.

If you are new to the festival, the work exchange program can be a great way to become a central part of the community very quickly.  We only have a limited number of these positions available, and preference is given to those who would otherwise find it financially difficult to attend our festival.  So, if you are interested in being a member of the work exchange team, please CONTACT Rachel.


What about cell phone or Wi-Fi service?

Cell phone service is somewhat spotty, depending on your service provider.  Verizon tends to work well, but others not as much.  Cell phone service is pretty clear on top of a close-by hill.  The lodge is equipped with wi-fi service. However, we ask that when your phone or other device is charging or when you are not using it that you do not have it coneccted to the wi-fi. This is so that those who are using it at any given time can without significant lag. We thank everyone for their understanding. 


Is electricity available?

Electrical Sites are Full for 2017

We have a limited electrical resources available at Summerland.  Because of this, strong preference is given to those with a medical need for electricity.  Hair dryers and coffee makers, unfortunately, do not qualify as medically necessary. 

Although some would argue that coffee is a medical necessity, we do provide access to coffee on a 24/7 basis, so having one plugged in at your campsite is not necessary.


How much does it cost to attend Summerland Spirit Festival?

Must Registar for the 2017 Meal Plan by: June 23, 2017


Here are the fees for this year's festival broken down by age and how many days you are planning to attend.


Registration With the Meal Plan*
Days / Age Adult (18+) Teens (13-17)

Big Kids


Little Kids


Tadpoles (0-3)

9 Days $390 $180 $90 $45 Free
7 Days $335 $145 $80 $40  Free
5 Days $280 $115 $60 $30 Free
3 Days $180 $65 $40 $20 Free
1 Day $80 $25 $20 $15 Free


Registration Without the Meal Plan

Days / Age Adult (18+) Teens (13-17)

Big Kids


Little Kids


Tadpoles (0-3)

9 Days $210 Free Free Free Free
7 Days $190 Free Free Free Free
5 Days $165 Free Free Free Free
3 Days $115 Free Free Free Free
1 Day $55 Free Free Free Free


What is Your Cancellation and Refund Policy?

If you need to cancel for any reason, you may do so up to May 30th and receive a full refund minus a processing fee.  If you need to cancel after that date, but before the start of festival, you may do so and receive a 50% refund.  Once festival begins or we have ordered the food for kitchen, we cannot offer any refunds.   



Still Have Questions?


See You at Summerland!