Summerland Spirit Festival is a nine-day experiential spiritual retreat for followers of an Earth-reverent spiritual path. Nestled within several square miles of wild forest, you will have the chance to heal, reconnect with nature, and make a lot of new friends. Welcome the dawn from the high peak of the hill covered with apple trees, cool off in the pristine creek that runs through the heart of the festival, dance and drum all night long in the middle of an old-growth hardwood forest, or take some time away to be alone with the abundant wildlife.

You will have the option of attending any of the several amazing workshops scheduled each day, or you can take a class on one of the crafts being offered by several artisans, such as blacksmithing, tatting, knitting, leather working, or stone carving. You can also take a relaxing innertube ride down the creek that winds through the woods. Each day you will have the option of attending a large community ritual, smaller group rituals, or to do workings of your own at one of the several locations intended for quiet personal work. At night, there will be live musical entertainment, drumming and dancing, and a bardic circle to share stories and song. Although there is a lot to do, you won't feel pressured to attend anything. These are only offered as options. The most important goal is for you to feel re-energized, refreshed, and renewed as you drive away at the end of the festival.

An Earth-Reverent Spiritual Community

Summerland was originally founded as a Pagan festival in 2011.  While most of the attendees of the festival identify as Pagan, there are also many attendees who identify with different spiritual traditions, including Buddhist, Christian, Native American, Yoga, Heathen, Shaman, Santaria, agnostic, or simply as "spiritual but not religious."  Whatever spiritual path is meaningful to you is accepted as long as complete respect for other traditions is honored.  No evangelizing of any kind happens at this festival and it is simply not tolerated in any way. This is a time and place for everyone to connect with each other, the Earth, and the Divine in a safe and accepting atmosphere. 

Festival Location and Amenities

 Summerland Spirit Festival is held on the grounds of Turtle Creek Glen in Clayton, Wisconsin. More information about Turtle Creek Glen can be found on their website.  CLICK HERE

The site features:

  •   Hundreds of acres of pristine forest and grasslands
  •   Top quality catering that offers both vegetarian and omnivore options
  •   A bath house with hot showers and full bathroom facilities
  •   A lodge the features a musical stage and bar
  •   Pristine creek that serves as an oasis from the summer heat
  •   Abundant wildlife including eagles, bear, fox, deer, and a variety of birds
  •   Peace and quiet

 We look forward to seeing you at Summerland!