The 5th Annual Summerland Spirit Festival

July 11-19, 2015 • Turtle Lake, Wisconsin

Registration is now open for 2015!

Summerland Spirit Festival is a nine-day Earth-reverent spiritual retreat where you can experience personal growth, connect with nature, and make new friends. Each day is filled with great workshops, community rituals, entertainment, and an opportunity to relax and laugh in beautiful surroundings. 

Join us this year and enjoy some awesome guests and special events!

Sonja-PicSonja Sadovksy

Sonja holds a Master's of Arts in Humanities with a concentration in Western Esotericism and Mysticism from the University of Amsterdam and is a teacher of several topics such as Wicca, Kabbalah, and Western Esotericism in the modern context. Her new book "The Priestess and the Pen" shines new light on how three profound minds shaped the course of history. The fantasy novels of Dion Fortune, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and Diana L. Paxson influenced the image of the priestess in Neopagan and Goddess-centered spirituality throughout the world. The Priestess and the Pen shows how their work revolutionized womanhood, created space for women to reclaim their power, and energized the women’s equality movement.

Tuatha DeaTuathaDea

CELTIC TRIBAL GYPSY ROCK! Tuatha Dea is pure primal energy with a Celtic and World twist. The bands eclectic sound blends the tribal vibe of primitive drums with conventional and non conventional instruments such as guitar, bass, modern and Native American flutes, Didgeridoo and more as well as a myriad of vocal styles to create a truly unique sound. Born of a family drum circle, the group delivers an authentic tribal and clannish feel that not only draws the audience into the music but into the moment and family as well. Hailing from the Smokey Mountains of East Tennessee, the Clan has been described as "Pure Energy" organically blending their Celtic, Native American and Tribal roots into a Gypsy Rock vibe that transcends category and genre!

Murphys-1Murphy's Midnight Rounders

Murphy’s Midnight Rounders is an acoustic Americana band with their feet firmly planted in folk music. Their original material runs the gamut of human emotion while their vocal harmonies have an impact that is fresh and inspiring.  They have a fresh musical feel that is catchy, danceable, and singable. This will be Murphy's third appearance at Summerland and are always a festival favorite!









steven posch 1Steven Posch

Called “the pagan rabbi” and “one of Paganism’s top ritualists,” Steven Posch draws liturgical experience from a wide variety of backgrounds: Wicca, the Regency, and the Pagan Movement in Britain and Ireland, as well as Vaishnava Hinduism, Conservative and Reconstructionist Judaism, and Eastern Orthodox Christianity. He is co-founder and chief liturgist of Prodea, the Twin Cities’ oldest continuously-operating coven, and Beit Ashera Congregation (known humorously as “Golden Calf Synagogue”), of which he is cantor emeritus. His rituals are widely known and influential throughout the Midwestern US.

Ginger AckleyGinger Ackley

Ginger Ackley, a Texas native now happily transplanted to Ohio, has taken her life-long passion for music and combined it with a love of history and tradition, and melded into a delightful style of Celtic Folk. Performing both traditional and original songs, she sings while accompanying herself on one of her six autoharps, or joyfully jams with other artists on her pennywhistles. She has been described as songwriter in the old style, and audiences often can't tell the origin of a given tune. Her CDs cover a spectrum from original to traditional, mystical to educational. Be prepared to laugh, cry and clap along during one of her performances!


Jim KarenJim Esralien &
Karen Brookshear

Jim and Karen have been facilitating a traditional Lakota sweat lodge for over a decade at festivals around the country. The sweat lodge experience that they facilitate is incredibly powerful and healing.  Their infectious smiles and generous teaching have touched the lives of many of who have attended Summerland.  We are truly honored to have them return again this year. 

HenkeBrian Henke

His unique guitar style has been called everything from Folk to New Age to Neo-Classical to Pastoral or as Brian likes to call it “a big stewpot of everything, stirred up, simmered and served to taste.” His music appeals to anyone who like their music lyrical, thought provoking and performed with virtuosity. Through it all is an undercurrent of spirituality and mysticism that Brian says is very much apart of the creative process. A winner of many acoustic and electric guitar awards, he has also been a finalist in the prestigious National Fingerstyle Contest in Winfield, Kansas, the National Guitarmageddon regional finals in Boston and New Age Reporters Top 10 for 2006.

Ojibwa 3The Ojibwe

Several members of regional tribes will be joining us again this year.  This is a truly unique opportunity to experience some of the traditional ways of the Ojibwe. 

spellsingerBeltana Spellsinger

Beltana Spellsinger is a female singer / songwriter from the Southern Ozarks region of the US who sings femininely melodic tunes full of dark, soulful beauty. Using minimal instrumentation signifies the bare earthiness of Spellsingers’ Otherworldly sound. Words that might well describe Spellsinger and her style of music are Gothic, Gypsy Folk, Acoustic, Rock, Mystical... Evocative... Earthy... Enchanting... Captivating... Wraithlike... Beautiful... Haunting... Bohemian... A conjuring of images from the mystery of a deep wood.